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Mental Health Awareness

Team Yozu

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 (Updated)

Article updated for Covid — 01/09/2020 Just in case you’re not aware, this week is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. Mental Health Awareness Week is an initiative spearheaded by The Mental Health Foundation. Their vision is for a...
Nov 04, 202011 min readBY Yozu Read Article
It Lessons Online


IT lessons online: Homeschool Computing Resources

Need a resource to replace your kids IT Computing lessons, try kids IT lessons online! The situation around the past few months has left a lot of us in a rather unusual situation! Many of us are continuing our full time-jobs whilst...
May 13, 20207 min readBY Yozu Read Article
Software Courses Online

Software Development

Software Development Courses Online: Learn to build applications in the comfort of your own home

Will there ever be a better time to finally learn that new language or teach yourself some software development basics? So you want to become a developer right? Well, surprisingly this sector doesn’t always require endless certifications and qualifications. Yep,...
Apr 03, 20207 min readBY Yozu Read Article
Advantages Blockchain


5 advantages of blockchain development 2019

Blockchain, what is it? The chances are you are an inquisitive developer seeking more knowledge on blockchain development and what it entails. To give you it plain and clear, blockchain development spawned from the creation of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. To...
Oct 29, 20193 min readBY Yozu Read Article
Going Bespoke

Software Development

The five key advantages of bespoke software 2022 (UPDATED)

Bespoke software what’s that, and what are the advantages of bespoke software? We build bespoke/custom software for businesses dealing with complex problems. These problems cannot be dealt with using ‘off-the-shelf’ software since the scope is too broad. Businesses in these...
Feb 07, 20197 min readBY Yozu Read Article

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