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A new way to do business.


Apps have become a ubiquitous presence in today’s world.

People spend an average 5 hours per day on apps - or more specifically - customers and users do.

With app downloads growing at 5% year on year, and consumers spending £124 billion annually through this channel, app-related revenue growth is only going to continue on a rapid upward trajectory.

Mobile development services from Yozu

Unlock Growth Potential - Building Apps for Business

Yozu’s mobile development team have helped enterprise-level B2B and B2C clients reach thousands of international businesses, process transactions in their £millions and handle the scale of app requests in their billions.

Native mobile apps – apps designed specifically for platforms such as iOS and Android – can access smartphone device resources such as GPS, camera functionality and push notifications – all of which can be monetised by a business looking to deliver a product or provide a service via a new digital channel.

Mobile development is an exciting way to grow new revenue streams.

Yozu x Mobile Apps

Working with Yozu’s Mobile Development team will provide you with:

  • Full Discovery into your business objectives and product refinement.
  • Proof of concept and prototype design work.
  • Full native mobile app product design.
  • Full stack mobile development in React Native – build one app, deploy to multiple app stores.
  • App store deployment management.
  • Technical support and application maintenance.


A playbook crammed full of opportunity

Whether it's creating a mobile version of a successful web platform, launching a mobile-first service built independently to disrupt a market, or replace a costly business operation - mobile development is an exciting journey that we absolutely love to support.

Our mobile development team is happy to expand on your idea, by opening up the features playbook and making the recommendations from our team's vast experience to help bring the product to life!

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