Cloud Hosting & Platform Management

Using best in class cloud platforms to manage scale and cost effectively .


Deploy new applications with greater efficiency

Hosting applications on local servers using physical hardware is an often costly and time-intensive solution in a world where cloud hosting is ubiquitous.

With comprehensive experience across multiple cloud platforms, our team are able to:

  • Utilise a full toolkit to build and deploy applications cost-effectively.
  • Manage scaling, load-balancing and provide automatic failover to ensure applications are available and responsive.
  • Eliminate unnecessary cost by managing a pay-as-you-use cloud account.
Cloud hosting solutions from Yozu

Best-in class cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions

When building new software, or supporting the migration of an existing system, Yozu uses the best-in class cloud hosting, or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), solutions to deploy updates, maintain hosting environments and manage the scaling of your software product.

Examples of cloud hosting providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS) Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure, with our skilled DevOps team able to utilise any preferred (or recommended) cloud platform to support your software application. It has been reported that 56% of IT projects deliver less value for the end user than originally intended and 45% of software development projects exceed budget (Source: McKinsey).

Cloud hosting can save time and money

Investigate and experiment with minimal risk

Our PaaS model offers freedom to experiment with less risk. Test new operating systems, languages and other tools without having to make substantial investments in them; evaluate scalability impact as your needs change; and take advantage of an expertly-configured environments for automating the software application lifecycle, covering integration, delivery, security, testing and deployment.

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