22 Feb 2022 - 1 min read

Getting to Know You: A Junior Developer’s First Month at Yozu

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Naomi is our newest Junior Developer here at Yozu, and we had a quick catchup with her to see how her first month has been as part of the team!

What was it that appealed to you about working at Yozu?

Everybody I initially spoke to at the Yozu team seemed genuinely invested in supporting learning and progression, which I found very appealing from the get-go. Another thing that stood out to me was when I came in for my trial day and everyone was really helpful and welcoming. It gave me a really positive first impression of the company!

Could you describe your experience of Yozu’s hiring process?

A trial day was something that I’d never taken part in before – but I think it’s a really effective method of getting to know somebody’s skill set and personality, as well as getting a feel for how things really work on a daily basis; asking questions and meeting the team. Looking back, I think it was the most valuable part of the hiring process.

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How has your first month at Yozu been?

My first month at Yozu has flown by! The majority of my time so far has been focused on onboarding & training, so I feel like I’ve already picked up lots of new skills that I didn’t have before. I’ve also been building a small app in React Native, which is a technology I hadn’t even touched before starting as a Junior Developer.

What do you hope to achieve whilst working at Yozu?

As a Junior Developer, I’m hoping to advance my development skills, and since I’m surrounded by such a large team of passionate and talented developers, I can definitely see this happening! I’m also really looking forward to getting stuck into some great project work and bringing some added value to the team.

What would you say to anybody who wants to join the Yozu team?

I would say go for it! Everybody in the team is lovely and you’re made to feel welcome from the get-go. Should you be successful at the interview stage, taking part in a trial day is a great way of seeing if you are not only a good fit for the company, but also to see if Yozu is a good fit for you!

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