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Getting to Know You: A Web Developer’s First Month at Yozu

Dec 13, 20214 min readBY Yozu Getting To Know You 13.12.21

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Meet Kyle Maguire, our newest Web Developer here at Yozu! We grabbed a brew with Kyle to find out a little more about him and his experience of Yozu so far…

Meet Kyle Maguire, our newest Web Developer here at Yozu! We grabbed a brew with Kyle to find out a little more about him and his experience of Yozu so far…

Hey, Kyle! Welcome aboard! What was it that appealed to you about working at Yozu?

Hi! Even from my initial interview, I got on straight away with the team and we really bounced off each other. When describing the technologies they use, a lot of them were ones that I had used in the past, but there was also a lot of room to grow and use new technology which was exciting for me and was something that definitely stood out to me. And since they’re tech-agnostic, I know there will always be something new to learn and use. Also, having spoken with the team quite a lot during the interview process, we instantly clicked. Everything just felt right straight away and I knew this was the right company and role for me.

Could you describe your experience of Yozu’s hiring process?

The initial video call for the Web Developer role was great; it lasted around an hour and the team seemed pleased with everything that I was saying, which is always a good sign! When I came into the office for the trial day (which I’d never done before), I felt like part of the team straight away. It was great to speak with everyone and no one made me feel excluded. In fact, I felt like part of the team even though I hadn’t gotten the job yet! I didn’t have to ask for any help on my trial day, but I knew that if I had any questions, they would be answered.I felt really comfortable and that’s what sold the role and company for me. It felt like a perfect match.

How has your first month at Yozu been?

My first month as a Web Developer at Yozu has been great! In my first week, I spent time getting to know everyone, and had multiple “meet the team” chats with different people from the business. From Day One, I was more than happy to get straight into the work and start helping out the Design team, who I’ll be predominantly working with in this role. Since starting, I’ve already worked across 5-6 different projects and taken on different tickets! I’ve naturally settled in well – but haven’t felt pushed into anything either, and have been encouraged to go at my own pace.

From a social perspective, I have a good laugh with everyone (we usually end up having debates about football!) and everyone has made time to chat and get to know me. It’s the first company I’ve worked for that I’ve genuinely enjoyed coming into the office.

What do you hope to achieve whilst working at Yozu?

I want to improve my current skill set and become even more proficient in the programmes that I currently use as a Web Developer. I’d really like to get to the point where I feel comfortable learning skills that are completely new to me currently, such as React, and build my own SaaS app using it. I would love to contribute to the team projects as well as create something of my own, putting my own stamp on a project and working on it from the ground up. I feel that there’s a lot I can do and Yozu is a great place to do it!

What would you say to anybody who wants to join the Yozu team?

Do it! Don’t think twice about it. I have had plenty of interviews in the past and I have never felt as welcomed into a company as I have with Yozu. Your opportunity for progression in the role is great and there is definitely room to grow within the company and improve. Also, working at Yozu, you’re making real friends; people here aren’t just your colleagues; they’re there to support you, laugh with you and learn with you – and who doesn’t want that?!

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