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A Day in the Life of a Yozu Software Developer

Mar 10, 20225 min readBY Yozu Day In The Life Software Developer

By Yozu

For a Yozu Software Developer, no two days are the same. From Sprint meetings and bug fixes to new feature deployment and client support, the software developer jobs available at Yozu require agility, passion and teamwork (not to mention a great attitude and sense of humour!). We caught up with one of our software developers to share some insight into what the average day looks like for a Yozu Software Developer…

Hey! Tell us; what does a typical morning at Yozu look like? 

Hey! After some much-needed coffee, the first hour or so of my morning is usually filled with stand-up meetings. We work within an Agile project management framework that gives us the flexibility to make real-time changes when necessary without losing focus of the bigger project, and our daily stand-up meetings are a huge part of that.

Put simply, stand-ups are a short (typically less than 15 minutes) meeting with a specific project team in which daily work can be discussed. They get their name from the idea that they should take place while standing up, thus encouraging a speedy chat rather than a lengthy meeting. Stand-ups offer the opportunity for each team member to highlight any issues, request support from others within the team, and ensure everyone is aligned on the work that needs to be done. We’ll typically review tasks that have been completed, are in progress, or are about to commence, which allows us to understand the progression of a project, and quickly address any bottlenecks.

If I’m working from home, stand-ups take place using the ‘Huddle’ feature on Slack but, when I’m in the office, they’re a great chance to physically come together with my team, stretch my legs and wake up my brain! Since I’m usually working on – or involved in – multiple projects, I usually attend multiple stand-ups, which gives me a chance to catch up with different people in the business.

Sounds like a productive way to start the day! What’s next?

Though I might be involved in multiple projects, which keeps my work engaging and challenging, on a day-to-day basis, a Yozu Software Developer typically works on a ‘priority project’. This is usually your main focus for a set amount of time, and ensures you’re not pulled from one thing to another. I also find that it brings a lot of satisfaction to see a project progress and take shape because of the work I’ve done on it over time.

The specifics of my work can vary greatly. If I’m working on the Yodel app, for example, I might spend time with the Design team making improvements to UX; I could be liaising with the client to discuss new features; or I could even be delivering a presentation on our recent progress.

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And now the really important bit… lunch time!

If I’m in the office, I’ll be sure to take some time away from my desk and sit with my colleagues for some grub and a catch-up. Our huge, open-plan office is such a nice space to be in – and there’s plenty of room to get together and have a chat.

Since we’re based in the heart of the Liverpool business district, there’s plenty of choice when it comes to choosing what to eat – but our state-of-the-art kitchen makes it easy to whip up something too. Wednesdays, however, are reserved for pizza! We’re treated each week to free pizza (and plenty of it!), leaving us suitably stuffed and ready to crack on for the afternoon.

If I’m working from home, my lunches might not be quite as inspired – but they’re always pepped up with a Yozu quiz… Twice a week, our resident Quiz Master, Kirsty, hosts a lunchtime quiz online, covering anything and everything – from general knowledge to music, food to Harry Potter! – and it’s safe to say that the competitive side of the Yozu-ers really comes out!

Yozu Software Developer

Game on! And how do you spend your afternoons? 

I might have a meeting or two in the afternoon to discuss various pieces of work, but the majority of my afternoon will be focused on development – just how I like it!

We’re a really supportive team at Yozu and that means a lot when we face challenges, issues or just want to learn something new. Whichever stage we’re at within our software development careers, there is always someone within the team who’s willing to help. Though not a daily occurrence, I usually allocate some time each week to either learn something new myself, or help a team member out with something that they’re working on – it’s a great way to grow and develop.

5pm already! What a day! 

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