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Freight Management Software

The Client

Following the success of the FREIGHTsoft, Yozu identified that the freight management system product could extend to support a key challenge faced by the industry: managing dangerous goods.

The Project

Identifying which consignments are safe to travel together is both time-intensive and laborious. Get the compatibility wrong, and it can be extremely costly, not to mention highly dangerous. If Freight Management Software could be implemented here it would avoid these problems.

Recognising the challenges of the market, it was imperative that the app considered the latest regulatory data, was highly accurate, and reduced costs.

The Results

The HAZculator: a tool that allows those within the freight and shipping industry to quickly determine whether certain dangerous goods can be shipped together. Using the latest regulatory data, the HAZculator runs a series of checks on the products entered by the user and identifies any potential dangers or regulation failures.

The product currently focuses on marine shipping but has the scope to incorporate many other means of distribution – from air shipping to trains.

A simple yet highly effective tool, the HAZculator:

  • Saves time: users no longer have to consult hefty regulatory guidelines to determine which products can be shipped together
  • Improves accuracy: calculations are no longer completed manually, reducing the risk of human error
  • Reduces costly mistakes: knowing that certain products can be safely transported together reduces the amount of wasted space within shipping containers


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