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of exhaustive IMDG/ADR regulations.

Clash detectors

powerfully checking load compatibilities.

Critical items

checked across segregation groups and hazardous materials.


Following the resounding success of the FREIGHTsoft platform – built by Yozu for ITAL Logistics – we identified that the freight management system could be further developed to overcome a high-risk industry challenge; managing the load compatibility of dangerous goods.

The result was HAZculator; a tool that allows DGSA’s working in freight and shipping  to quickly determine whether combinations of dangerous goods can be transported safely together.


The challenge.

Identifying which consignments are safe to travel together is both time-intensive and laborious. Get the compatibility wrong, and it can be extremely costly, not to mention highly dangerous. ITAL wanted an automated solution that would address this challenge, reducing human error, maximising safety and minimising costs.


The solution.

The Yozu team developed HAZculator; an enhancement of ITAL Logistics’ freight management system that flags unsafe shipments by rapid interrogation of the comprehensive latest safety regulations. Providing highly accurate results, HAZculator runs a series of checks on the products entered by the user and identifies any incompatible loads within seconds.


The impact.

A simple yet highly-effective tool, HAZculator:

  • Saves time – users no longer have to consult hefty regulatory guidelines to determine which products can be shipped together.
  • Improves accuracy – calculations are no longer completed manually, reducing the risk of human error.
  • Reduces wastage – peace of mind that certain products can be safely transported together reduces the amount of wasted space within shipping containers.


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