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As technology continues to advance and amaze, it’s never been more important to consider UX when it comes to building software, websites, and apps.

While being an end-user was once a one-way street, it’s now evolved into a rich and interactive multi-channel experience. Though this may seem daunting, it actually offers a HUGE amount of opportunity.
Though building the advanced software of today (and tomorrow!) may now require a more robust production process, success still hinges on just one thing: how users perceive it.

Does this product give me value? Is it easy to use? Is it fun?

Users interacting with your software will ask these questions and decide whether to become regular users based on their experience. How would your current software stand up against the savvy (and demanding!) users of today?

What is User Experience?

User experience is how a person feels when using a product or system. Whether it’s a website, a web app, desktop software and, in modern contexts, even voice-controlled and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. (We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto!)

UX is a crucial step within the design process that reveals valuable feedback on your target audience. It puts the user at the forefront of all design decisions, creating a human-centered design approach that unearths solutions to suit user needs. Clever, right?

  • Understand your target and design a solution to empower them

Understand your users, own your market.

Before making any decisions, you must generate empathy for your users and see problems as opportunities.

Yozu has a wealth of experience in acquiring and delivering value from user interviews, environmental observations, user research and testing, and of course, running fun and fluid workshops. (You bring the biscuits, we’ll bring the expertise!) Workshops are common practice throughout the Yozu design process. They’re a great think tank whereby the client and our team come together to generate ideas and solve problems.

Testing! Testing!

The best user experiences don’t happen by accident (if only!). Our UX designers and researchers follow an iterative process – continuously testing and improving features until you have a smart, effective product that people love.

Our UX process starts with sketches that evolve into wireframes, then sophisticated prototypes long before you see the final product.

Making the business case.

Effective UX design can help to reduce the overall development budget, with research showing that the cost of correcting a mistake after a product is launched is 4-5 times as costly as fixing it during the design phase. Ouch.

Outstanding user experience also facilitates brand loyalty, lead conversion, and word of mouth - people having a positive experience are likely to tell 9 other people about it. Those having a negative experience will tell 16!

Investing in quality UX design not only delivers a fantastic product but more importantly, one that your users or employees both enjoy using and can feel the value of.

  • Reduce development budget, maximise brand loyalty and boost conversion through intelligent UX

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