Design is more than how a product looks. It’s how it comes to life.

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From the very first sketch to the final product, our talented design team will visually develop your ideas, explore how your product will flow, and respond to your feedback at every stage. The result is an aesthetically stunning solution that supports your business objectives and wows your users.

The design process is also a great opportunity to encourage early buy-in. Talking through your ideas is a useful starting point, but seeing your product come to life can take engagement to a whole new level.

It all starts with a sketch.

Every project begins with pen and paper sketches. Why? Sketching is a great way to quickly get some ideas down on to outline a design, perfect for brainstorming and exploring concepts informally, and they help to better visualise the user experience for the product.

In terms of time and effort, sketches are a low-cost way to get your project off the ground, while providing real value and no risk.

  • Bring your ideas to life without risk through simple yet effective design sketches

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Think of wireframes as the scaffold for your design; it might not have ‘fun’ elements such as imagery, colour and text - but it does a critical job of clearly demonstrating the structure of your product. This allows you to add those fun bits later. Clean and simple, it maps out each core section of your product to give you a realistic idea of the user experience, functionality, and navigation.

Wireframing is essential for considering key decisions; are features where your user would expect them to be? Is the layout clear and easy to navigate? Our design team excel in developing wireframes that create effortless user journeys and hook users into the product from the moment they sign up.

  • Visualise your product’s user journey
  • Refine and improve your design in real time

Interactive Prototyping (or the fun bit).

Prototyping is a technique that delights our clients by putting their product in front of them - long before a line of code has even been written. By combining our research-based storyboard designs and intuitive wireframes, we’ll create an interactive, clickable prototype of your product that propels you straight into the user experience.

A clickable design prototype will give you a tangible ‘mock-up’ of the product to provide a reference point for offering guidance and early feedback on user journey, aesthetics, and UI decisions.

A prototype will reflect your business image and brand whilst incorporating a user experience that’s slick and seamless. You’ll also have something to take away and share with your business team, or perhaps present to a customer group to drum up some excitement for the product and get stakeholder buy-in right at the start of the project!

  • Gain essential business buy-in with a clickable prototype
  • Experience your user journey first-hand

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