24 Mar 2021 - 1 min read

Going Bespoke With an Outsourced Software Project

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As a business leader, investing in new technology to help transform your business can be a simple decision in theory.

From data driven, monthly reports that show performance could be better, to the less-tangible sense that your teams aren’t working as effectively as they could, you know that there is room for improvement, and you’re certain that your business has the potential to delight your customers. But how do you reach that elusive point in practice?  

If this wasn’t a big enough challenge, we’ve also now had the experience of an enforced period of working remotely due to the pandemic too, with most  businesses digitising their operation in some form. Both customers and employees alike are looking for a permanent set up to either enable remote access to products and services or have the opportunity to continue home working.

Did you know… 70% of organisations have a digital transformation strategy or are working on one?

discovery phase of a software project

The Decision…

The ‘eureka’ moment often occurs when we realise all of these pain points in one move;“Let’s consolidate our tech stack and remove the spreadsheets!”;“We’re going to put our customers at the centre of our services!”; “We must give the team a tool that removes frustration and provides a platform to do the valuable work they were hired for!”

“WE NEED A NEW SYSTEM!” you may yell into the Finance Director’s office – often to receive nothing but an icy stare back!

The Search for the Perfect Business Platform…

You will likely have colleagues within the business that can signpost you to SaaS products that can be licensed and customised as a quick route to your goals; there are some great products out there and you should absolutely look at what’s on the market to find the right fit for your budget. Sometimes though, you never quite find the software solution that really nails the problem, leading to realisation such as:

“It doesn’t feel nice to use – I think the team will hate it”

“It’s expensive and I’m not sure if we’ll end up wasting money if it doesn’t solve our problems”

“The entry cost seems reasonable, but I can’t predict the scaled cost if the team or our usage grows”

You might then consider building the system in-house – and why not?! There is a capable IT department and you get to design the product from the ground up. From the aesthetics and user journey through to the reporting and customer experience – you’re creating a tailored suit rather than buying off the rack.

Who’s free in IT to build it?” you may ask your CTO…

We’ve got a lot on in the next 6 months”…

I’m not sure the team is experienced enough to create an entire system of that size”…

69% of in-house digital transformation initiatives are held back by the Senior Executive Team 

Dammit. The flash of inspiration from the “Eureka!” moment stalls in a single conversation and, all of a sudden, that simple solution feels massively complicated and there’s uncertainty if the project will ever get off the ground.

Will the monthly report continue to look ok, but not great? Will the team carry on working hard, but not smart? Will customers remain content, but not advocate for your brand and refer more business?

Choosing an outsourced software project…

If you’re in this position where you have the idea, the motivation to transform and, of course, the budget, then you might want to consider outsourcing to an experienced software house.

The benefits of an outsourced software project are countless – and Yozu is ready to help. Here are the key ways you could bring your idea to life without disturbing business as usual:

Access to a wide range of skills, knowledge and capability

Yozu’s team combines decades of design, development and project management experience across different industries, programming languages and frameworks. No need to hire and train extra staff – and only pay for the time needed from a team member on the project.

Need to integrate with Xero? Sure, we’ve done it before! Looking for options to create a customer portal? We quickly present a selection of choices that have worked with users that are similar to your own target market.

Faster route to launch

By having a specialised team working full-time on your system, you are benefiting from the efficiencies of our Agile delivery processes rather than endlessly waiting for other internal business projects to be completed before you can get started.

Improved quality from front to back

To design and build software correctly, Yozu takes a holistic approach to creating a perfect solution. It’s not just about creating a few screens, buttons and a big database;successful software projects provide an experience –  that is how users and/or customers feel when they’re using the product.

Yozu takes a deep dive into your business right from the off by running a ‘discovery phase’ to get to know your business, your people and, of course, your paying customers. All viewpoints and considerations flow into the design of the final build.

Lower costmeans more value for money

Engaging with Yozu means side-stepping the huge CapEx costs for people, equipment, software licences and training. Pay on a ‘time and materials’ basis, work within a monthly budget and have total control over where your product investment is allocated.

Support and further development after completion

So, you’ve seen the product come to life,  enjoyed a successful launch, and a load of feedback has hit your desk with some great ideas for new features. Now what?

Yozu is a business based on long-term partnerships. When you need to explore new features or work on a longer-term roadmap for a system that evolves with your business and industry,you have an extended team on stand-by to continue the journey and deliver ongoing value – something that you may not have experienced had you bought the suit off the rack!

The Result…

The monthly report is showing a surge in performance, the team is incredibly effective in the more challenging areas of the business and customers are buzzing about your brand. Yozu is proud to work with businesses who aspire to transform – we’d love to talk to you about your idea.

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