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Building a visually stunning, business-changing product is not something that happens with just a good idea – or even a talented development team. You also need an end-to-end process filled with worthwhile activity that blends together creativity, delivery, and measuring success. 

Yozu follows a simple four-stage process to create your product:

1. Research & Discovery

We have to identify the problem before we can fix it; evaluate the opportunity before we can seize it. That’s why we take our Research & Discovery process so seriously.

At this initial stage, our job is to listen to your goals and understand your vision, consequently transforming our findings into a viable launch product. Through interactive workshops and in-depth market research (expect lots of “That’s it!” and “A-ha!” moments here), we’ll learn more about your end-user or customer, leveraging what we learn to guide our next steps and set the foundation for your product.

Our team has a playbook of exercises and techniques to elicit ideas and drop some fun into working out requirements. It’s amazing what you can achieve with a whiteboard, some post-it notes, and a lot of coffee!

Our intended outcome is to hand over a detailed product definition and summarised business case, ready to build.

2. Technical Consultation

Whether you’re software savvy or a total technophobe, we’ll bypass the jargon and work with you to identify (and, later, implement) the best technical solution for your product. Using our findings from the Research & Discovery stage, we’ll explore the tech that best suits and engages your user, resulting in a perfectly tailored spec for your product.

Our expert team is passionate about staying ahead of the tech game, so you can rest assured that your product is being developed to the highest standards with scalability and longevity in mind.

Yozu and the Kickstart Scheme

3. Business Planning & Strategy

Here, we’ll deep dive into your objectives and goals for your product. From marketing to ROI, the team will work closely with you to build a clear yet flexible plan for launch, as well as a longer-term roadmap to ensure you maximise the potential of your product.

From buy-in to launch planning and beyond, we’ll help you to develop a strategy that works for your business, promotes stakeholder and user engagement, and guarantees your product hits the ground running.

4. UX & UI Design

Building on previous steps, our expert design team will begin to create the visual look and feel for your product, always keeping the user at the forefront, and taking on board what we’ve learned during our research, consultation, and planning stages.

Constant feedback loops through user testing at every stage also contribute to a relevant and appropriate product that people actually want to use.

discovery phase of a software project

5. Backlog Creation

This stage of the process is where we collate all of the information, ideas, and ‘to-do’s’ from the previous stages and start to develop them into a tangible backlog of work.

In order to ensure that the essential work and ‘must-have’ features are implemented, the backlog is ordered by priority. This means that key elements are worked on first, with more time and flexibility built-in, so you know that your end product will tick all the boxes.

Discovery phase in software development

6. Sprint Planning

Sprint planning is part of our Agile working methodology and allows us to retain focus on critical work at each stage of development. By breaking down the work into a series of ‘sprints’ - i.e. a set amount of time to focus on defined tasks - we are able to achieve key objectives at an achievable and consistent pace, all while allowing for flexibility and shifting priorities

software development

7. Development

Development sprints will produce testable product features as a regular output, so you can see and feel the progress that’s being made on your project and reach the launch stage as soon as possible. Given that 80% of market leaders are first to market, the ability to release products quickly offers huge business value.

8. Measuring & Reporting

Once we're 'Go for Launch,' we'll set up insights and reporting specific to your objectives. Measuring the performance of your product and user behaviour activity will ensure you are able to achieve maximum value.

As the reporting feedback starts to come in, we’ll use that information to feed into the future roadmap for your product.

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