Consistency is key when it comes to branding: A Wimbledon case study

Jul 19, 20232 min readBY Yozu Wimbledon Branding

By Yozu

It’s Game Set and Match at Wimbledon for another year

Our Senior Designer Kasia Pikula loves both design and tennis, and one of her dreams came true as she visited the historic tournament on Quarter Finals day on Centre Court!

She also had a chance to view the iconic Wimbledon brand in its finest – interacting with both digital and physical aspects throughout the experience.

From way-finding and signage, through to the mobile app, Wimbledon created meaningful and consistent messaging for all involved.

So, what was Kasia’s review?

“It’s really challenging to ensure all brand touch points communicate a brand’s language to its audience. I’ve seen many cases of branding falling apart because of lack of consistency. With Wimbledon however, you can not only feel the magic of tennis, but also the power of a consistent brand.

“Starting from ticket purchase confirmation, the messaging and visuals are simple and positive, while creating a sense of greatness at all touch points. I thoroughly enjoyed using the Wimbledon App, which presented up to date live results, draws and schedule changes. It also allowed me to follow my favourite players, which I think is a great addition.

“The physical aspects of the brand are equally well executed. The signage and way finding is clear and well designed, I knew where I was and how to get to the courts I was looking for, where to find toilets, bars, and… strawberry stands.

“The digital screens on the courts were clean and with big enough typography, ensuring that viewers can see current results from any distance. I also enjoyed the less obvious brand elements, like purple and white flowers and the branded staff uniform. Even the recycling bins where brand colour coded, which I think is a clear sign of a well thought-out brand image. Overall, I had a great time as a designer and (beginner) tennis player”

Check out our full guide below on the history of Wimbledon’s branding!

Wimbledon Brand Review

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