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Yozu:Connected – Meet Phill Williams, Web Developer

Aug 31, 20232 min readBY Yozu Phill Williams Web Developer

By Yozu

Introducing Phill, our Web Developer.

Yozu:Connected is our blog series that brings you closer to our team to highlight the fantastic work, experience and skills that bring additional value to our client partnerships.

Here is another of Yozu’s newest team members, Phill, who we asked 3 questions to learn more about his background and expertise!

How did you get started in Development?

I got started in development when I was 7 years old. My mother was a teacher and during the summer holidays would always bring home a BBC Micro for me and my siblings to keep us entertained. My father gave me a Sinclair Spectrum 48k and from there I was hooked, I wanted to know how they worked and started learning BASIC to write my own programs.

How would you describe your day job to someone who isn’t a web developer?

My day-to-day job never gives me the same day twice and I’m constantly finding new ways to do things I’ve done 1,000’s times before. It makes me think all the time and with some solutions, you have to be very creative in your thinking. Development to me is one big puzzle!

What’s one thing that we should know about you?

I’m an avid microelectronics enthusiast and DIYer who designs and builds his circuits to build projects around the house such as my home automation system, multiroom audio system and currently in the process of building my own retro arcade machine. I also love to cook and spend most of my spare time in the kitchen.

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