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Yozu:Connected – Meet Alex Earps, Project Manager

Oct 05, 20232 min readBY Yozu Yozu Project Manager Alex Earps

By Yozu

Meet Alex, our Project Manager.

Yozu:Connected is our blog series that brings you closer to our team to highlight the fantastic work, experience and skills that bring additional value to our client partnerships.

Here is another of Yozu’s superstars – Alex – from the Project Management team, who we asked 3 questions to learn more about his background and expertise!

How did you get started in project management?

I actually began my career as a graphic designer and spent a number of years working in the luxury lodge industry.

During the pandemic, I was approached by a reputable tech company regarding a project management vacancy, and I decided that it would be a new and challenging opportunity, so I accepted.

How would you describe your day job to someone who isn’t a project manager?

A project manager is like being the captain of a ship for a specific project. The main job is supporting the team, navigating the course ahead, and ensuring the project runs smoothly and reaches its destination on time.

We do this by planning, organising and supporting the completion of all the tasks, including the management of resources and coordinating between clients and teams.

What’s one thing that we should know about you?

As a pet project during the pandemic, I started painting small model soldiers to switch my mind off at the end of the day. This has now snowballed into me being banned from buying anymore by my fiancé.

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