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Yozu Rebrand – What We’ve Learned 1 Year On

Nov 30, 20236 min readBY Yozu Rebrand Anniversary Main Image

By Yozu

It has been 12 months since Yozu excitedly launched new branding across its entire architecture, following a hugely collaborative and inclusive process involving all stakeholders.

But how does it feel a year on?

We caught up with some of the Yozu team involved in delivering the project, as well as our Founder and CEO Luke Morgan who supported what was to be a tremendous change for the agency.

With hindsight, how do you feel the Yozu rebrand represents the business?

Luke: With any (good) rebranding project, I feel it should be about combining an expression of not just who you are in that moment, but also a reflection of your ambition for where/who you want to be in the future. 

The rebrand did that perfectly – it encompassed the masses of work we’d done as a team and business during the COVID-19 pandemic to transform our own business and prepare for where we were heading in our growth journey — and, perhaps more importantly, who we wanted to be once we got there. 

Andy: One year on, the rebrand successfully represented Yozu in a more contemporary and compelling light. We aimed to align our image with our core values, expertise, and the evolving software industry and we’ve gone a long way to achieving that.

We’ve communicated our commitment to innovation, adaptability, and exceptional client service through a fresh visual identity, messaging, and positioning.

Dado: I feel incredibly positive about how the new brand identity has shaped Yozu. The decision to rebrand was strategic, and we undertook this process with a clear vision of where we wanted to take our company.

Kasia: I am delighted with everything we’ve achieved within a year. Rebranding an existing company is always challenging when you consider clients, partners and the team as equal stakeholders. 

We created a brand which makes every team member proud. Its simplicity is a winner, showing precisely what we do while allowing us to build on the top of our offer.

Antonio: The rebrand really has positively impacted Yozu over the past year. The refreshed image has brought a sense of modernity and relevance, aligning us more closely with current market trends. 

The positive reception from our customers and stakeholders indicates that the rebranding has successfully communicated the new company’s identity and positioned us effectively in the market.

Luke: Ultimately, I feel the new brand perfectly represents and reflects our team’s professionalism, care, and the sense of creativity that we bring to bear on our clients’ challenges.

What impact do you feel the rebranding project has had on Yozu?

Andy: It has enabled us to reposition Yozu as a forward-thinking and client-centric software agency, which has helped to solidify partnerships and develop new business opportunities.

It has also been great to see the increased internal engagement fostered by the process — especially through our employee advocacy.

Luke: I think it’s given us a tremendous sense of pride – we’ve been in business for over a decade and helped accomplish so much for so many clients.

This rebranding project was probably the first time we’ve focused on who we are, what we mean in the bigger context of society around us, and who we want to be in the future. 

Andy: The rebrand has improved recognition and visibility in the industry, enhancing Yozu’s competitiveness and driving growth. 

Luke: It’s also allowed us to put ourselves out there in a much more cohesive and consistent way, give our clients the same care and attention to our brand, and reflect where we are in our journey as a business and team. 

To put that in more concrete terms, I now know that in any internal or external meeting, our values, mission and team are represented in their best light.

Antonio: If I had to choose one, Yozu now has a versatile brand identity that matches a long-term strategic plan. 

We have a recognisable look, feel, and message that can evolve easily over the years, and we have been able to test this successfully during the last year.

Dado: The rebrand has definitely allowed us to better communicate our values and mission to our audience. The refreshed visual elements and messaging align more closely with who we are as a company today and where we aspire to be. 

Antonio: The brand can keep its core elements and be consistent, but will naturally evolve too.

What has been your favourite outcome or output from the rebranding project?

Kasia: As a part of a design team, I must admit that it was the best project we worked on – it was highly collaborative, and I feel like we’ve become stronger together. We’ve learned how to work with each other better and address feedback.

With open minds and honest feedback, we’ve grown as a team and become more professional and aware of our skills.

Dado: Our client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating that the rebrand has resonated well with our target audience. This positive reception has translated into increased brand loyalty and trust.

Andy: I totally agree. The feedback from clients, partners, and employees has shown that the rebrand has better captured Yozu’s essence and relevance in the software marketplace.

Antonio: The more significant outcome of this rebrand is the sense of pride the team has developed around it. They appreciate how this new image represents the company and its employees.

Mainly because we tried to involve everybody during the process and listened to their opinions and what they had to contribute to the project. 

Andy: Yes, my favourite outcome has been the renewed sense of purpose and pride that it has instilled within the Yozu team. Seeing employees embrace our new brand identity (or possibly just them getting free merchandise!) and witnessing their enthusiasm for the company’s future has been incredibly rewarding. 

Luke: I love how we’ve finally ‘stepped out of the shadows’ – from how we now incorporate regular photography and film days into all elements of our output as a team through to just seeing the people behind the innovation on our team page

Andy: It’s not just about the visual elements or marketing materials; it’s about the positive shift and shared vision that the rebrand has had within the business. 

Luke: It’s also been fantastic to see members of the team grow their own voice and their own brand within the business. It’s a massive credit to the team behind the project!

Thanks to the Yozu team who contributed to this article:

Luke Morgan | Founder and CEO

Andy Whittaker | Chief Creative Officer

Kasia Piluka | Lead Design

Antonino Dado | Senior UX/UI Designer

Antonio Jimenez | UX/UI Designer



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