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Stella Parking

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Web Application for Automotive

The Client

Stella Nova is an exclusive residential development, designed by an award-winning architect. The company approached Yozu to modernise the way parking permits were managed for the entire site.

The Project

At the time, the team at Stella Nova were using Excel spreadsheets to manage all tenant permits (both residential and commercial) and were looking for a better way to both streamline the operational management as well as increase revenue from their car parking facilities.

After an initial consultation, Yozu proposed building a Ruby on Rails responsive web application that would be both scalable and highly customisable, based on any future requirements that Stella Nova may require.

Web Application For Automotive

The Results

Yozu designed and built a new web system – including Stripe payment and ANPR integrations – allowing for visitors, residents, and workers to purchase permits and receive automated renewal reminders.

The ANPR integration ensures that any vehicles that do not have a valid permit in the system for the time of entry/exit, receive a parking notice charge (PNC) without any manual entry or intervention required by Stella Nova – this in turn massively reduced the previous management costs incurred.

The entire system is built to be self-service. Users can visit the site, create their permit and complete payment – or get a refund for unused time – all within a few minutes and without any paper tickets or human administration.

Although the system functions without human intervention, we still needed to build an admin console in order for Stella Nova to be able to maintain system users, tenants, and produce reports.

Stella Nova can now create new tenants, along with a tenancy end date. Since tenants don’t purchase their permits, the tenancy end date is used to ensure that tenants can only create permits for a time period within their tenancy.

The system also includes a full reporting module that allows Stella Nova to track active/pending/expired permits, query tenant/user permits by time periods, and generally see how many permits are in the system, and also to audit ANPR data.

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