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Software Development for Manufacturing

The Client

Parkinson Spencer Refractories (PSR) is a leading global supplier of forehearth and distribution systems to the glass industry. Established over 200 years ago, PSR sells their products to more than 60 countries with exports accounting for more than 90% of sales revenue.

The Project

Prior to working with Yozu, PSR was managing its expansive manufacturing process with spreadsheets and paper documents, with a substantial risk of human error.

With the need to make an overly-complex process more simple, PSR approached Yozu with their requirement for a sophisticated, yet user-friendly system that would drive every area of their manufacturing process – from materials production to preparing for shipping.

Software Development for Manufacturing

The Results

The Yozu team worked closely with PSR to identify the key functionality for their new system, while also developing initial design ideas that would meet their requirement for a clean and simple user experience. After a period of development, feedback and refinement, the PSR Works Management System was fully built. The system is now live and is in use across the workforce.

Complex processes within the system include manufacturing workflows that outline and manage the in-house production process for PSR, as well as any third-party vendors.

Much of PSR’s working process is now automated, allowing staff to simply monitor the entire process and only engage with the system at key milestones – e.g. loading / unloading a kiln. The business benefits and value-added is extensive since it frees up significant amounts of time for staff and allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Due to the success of the system, Yozu consequently developed a mobile app for use on the PSR shop floor. This allows for handheld access to information in real-time and provides staff with a quick way to monitor all daily activity from one device.


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