Pandle Bookkeeping

A global cloud-based accountancy platform trusted by over 90,000 businesses.


We believe in numbers.


Subscribed within the first three months of the Pandle app going live, proving the market need for such a product.


Across 130 countries trust Pandle to manage their accounting and bookkeeping in a wide range of sectors.


Saved in manually processing client records, reducing human error and significantly improving efficiency.


Online accounting service, The Accountancy Partnership (TAP), commissioned Yozu to build a new-to-market, cloud-based product that would address the needs of their SME customers without the complexity or cost of platforms like Sage or Xero.

The result was Pandle – an intuitive cloud accounting platform designed to save businesses time and money.


The challenge.

TAP discovered that some of the simplest of bookkeeping tasks were being made highly complex and time-consuming, rife with mistakes brought about by onerous accounting software. They also found that the financial records submitted by their clients were of a basic format, often resulting in exhausting periods of administration, and subsequently costing their clients a lot of money.


The solution.

Yozu was commissioned to build a redesigned bookkeeping product that was geared solely towards small business owners who were typically inexperienced bookkeepers. The deliverables requested were challenging:

  • A clean yet innovative application that made bookkeeping simple
  • A web-based application hosted in the cloud
  • A firm emphasis on maintaining a clear and concise interface

The application would be developed using the Ruby on Rails framework and be both scalable and portable across different cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.


The impact.

The entire product was designed, developed, and tested in less than a year and is now deployed and marketed online as Pandle. With over 50,000 users across the world, the overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers has been the motivation to build bigger and better features within the product.

TAP now benefits from having a unique selling point within their accountancy services proposition – a cloud-based bookkeeping package tailored to their customer’s needs. Accessible as free and premium account plans, Pandle helps businesses to annually save hundreds of hours of work processing client records.

Whilst the product was intended to be solely for TAP client use only, thanks to the modular and flexible product design adding in multi-company support was added in a matter of days to enhance the overall offering.

  • Banking integration
  • Invoicing and reporting
  • Accounting, stock control, VAT
  • Low-cost subscription licensing
  • Real-time finance KPI dashboards


  • Accountancy and Bookkeeping


United Kingdom


  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End development
  • UI/UX Design