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E-Learning Software Development

The Client

The Mersey School of Anaesthesia (MSA) is a charity that runs FRCA Exam Preparation Courses for Trainee Anaesthetists. The courses are designed to offer exposure to exam-style questions, provide opportunities to practice key tasks, and fine-tune exam techniques.


e-learning software development

The Project

MSA approached Yozu as they were struggling to offer an interactive and collaborative way for their users to learn and practice online. They were also spending countless hours on administration for a small team within the organisation.

In response to an exam review that determined a significant change to the way in which trainees are marked, MSA wanted an online system that would allow trainees to practice the new exam style in a timed and disciplined way. They recognised that existing resources were limited, and approached Yozu for an e-learning software development solution. In response, Yozu was to develop The Mersey CRQ E-Club.

It was essential that the E-Club would allow trainees to:

  • Draft questions from Hot Topic articles
  • Anonymously complete new exam-style questions under timed conditions
  • Anonymously mark new exam style answers for fellow trainees
e-learning software development
e-learning software development

The Results

After the initial consultation with MSA, Yozu developed a fully functional, online system that achieved the key deliverables set out by MSA.

Benefits included:

  • Timed and disciplined practice
  • Acquisition of useful answer guidance from other members
  • Valuable motivation towards sustained revision


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e-learning software development
e-learning software development

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