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From proof of concept to trialing new tech, Research & Discovery is a vital first step for any new software development project. It’s the opportunity to flesh out new ideas, determine objectives, and identify what’s right (and wrong) for the product. Most importantly, R&D will ensure that you and your software development team (hey – that’s us!) are on the same page.

This stage of the process allows collaborators to define a unified vision for the software product. Not only does this ensure that we build a final solution that everyone loves, but also that any uncertainties are nipped in the bud well ahead of development.

The result is a software product delivered in line with business objectives.

R&D lets us deliver early value too. We’ll share project experiences to make good decisions on new functionality, suggesting efficient ways to achieve your goals and offering insight on user experience.

When it comes to the final product, you’re in the driving seat, but consider us the expert mechanics to help you get there.

It all begins with a workshop.

To kick off the project, we’ll run a Vision Workshop, which will help us to understand your initial ideas, discuss what you’re looking to achieve, and of course, get to know each other. It’s imperative that as many stakeholders as possible can contribute to bringing different points of view to the process. This ensures that all areas are covered, from design aesthetics to user experience and beyond.

By the end of the session, things start to get really exciting. We’ll have helped you to:

  • Clarify key project goals
  • Articulate your business case
  • Eliminate any ambiguities
  • Define requirements
  • Identify the potential value of your product

Gamification Brainstorming Session

Designing with your user in mind.

Now that we’ve defined clear goals and objectives, our design team dives deeper into the world of the users in order to create a beautiful interface and an amazing user experience.

To do this, we need to understand the end-user as much as possible. Who are they? What pain points does this product solve for them? How do they like to engage with tech? The more we know, the more we’re able to design a product that perfectly suits them.

From market research to in-depth interviews, we’ll use a series of tried-and-tested techniques to acquire as much information as possible on your users. We’ll then collate this information into a set of User Personas; fictional profiles of your users, complete with all the key info on what makes them tick. Once reviewed and signed off by you, the User Personas will be a key point of reference for the Yozu team, ensuring that user engagement is always the top consideration.

  • Understand your target at a deeper level
  • Leverage your new insight to create a solution that wows

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