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National Careers Week: Advice From a Software Engineer

Mar 07, 20241 min readBY Yozu National Careers Week: Advice From A Software Engineer

By Yozu

Celebrating National Careers Week with advice from Ry Anderson, Software Engineer!

Each year, National Careers Week (NCW) provides a dedicated space for schools, colleges and universities to converge, fostering a collaborative environment for career development initiatives and to ignite a sense of curiosity and anticipation in young minds as they navigate their future pathways. 

Anchored by an array of high-quality resources, including printable materials, digital assets, and engaging videos, NCW equips educators with the tools they need to inspire and guide students towards fulfilling futures.

To help students interested in a career as a Software Engineer, we caught up with our very own Ry Anderson, who has walked the same path in recent years, from university student to working on one of our biggest client software projects!