The Get Ahead Series: Maximising Profits with Mobile App Development for Manufacturers

Feb 24, 20215 min readBY Yozu Get Ahead Manufacturers

By Yozu

From lowering production costs to increasing sales, mobile app development for manufacturers is a sure-fire way to maximise profits and even develop new revenue streams. But, in a sector that often relies on outdated legacy systems and processes to run operations, how can manufacturers get out of their own way and get ahead with mobile?

Communication errors, stock management issues, lack of flexibility in production, and siloed technology (that’s unable to interact with other pieces of tech) are all issues facing the modern manufacturer today. This can result in poor customer service, unnecessary costs, and can leave a huge margin for human error – all of which can make a sizable dent on your bottom line. In fact, just one hour of downtime can cost a manufacturing business up to $100,000!

Fortunately, manufacturing technology, and mobile apps specifically, allow these issues to not only be resolved but actually improve operations and maximise profits. The time taken to conduct Root Cause Analysis, for example, could be reduced by 95% with the introduction of AI, while manufacturers using predictive maintenance are enjoying a 36% reduction in customer queries and complaints.

But where to start? From the Internet of Things and predictive maintenance to real-time stock management and more, we’ve rounded up the key uses in mobile app development for manufacturers, highlighting the solutions that will streamline your business and boost your bottom line.

Mobile and CRM Integration

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform holds a wealth of information about your manufacturing business – but leveraging its insights can prove difficult if you’re on the go.

In fact, a Nucleus Research report found that, for companies using a non-mobile CRM, only 22% are achieving their sales targets. This is particularly noteworthy for the manufacturing industry since many facilities are often based across multiple locations or offices, and the need for mobile access is critical. Consider field technicians that need real-time insight into stock levels, production, and company requirements; without a mobile CRM, their ability to work effectively is significantly stunted since they don’t have immediate access to important data.

For those that have adopted mobile CRM, 65% are hitting their sales quotas, and Forester identified that 50% of teams improved their productivity by using a mobile CRM.

What’s more, mobile CRM also allows for faster order fulfillment and decreases response time on customer queries or concerns. This can go a long way towards maximising sales or turning a one-time customer into a returning one.

Production Monitoring and Management 

A manufacturing business has many moving parts – quite literally! – and the ability to easily oversee and manage each element is imperative. With a mobile app for manufacturers, an entire production run could be managed using a simple smartphone or tablet, regardless of where you are.

With the integration of technologies such as IoT and AI, every element of production can be monitored through the app, and employees can be easily trained to manage operational processes, reducing human error and associated maintenance costs.

Businesses within the sector that have adopted this technology are seeing production increases of up to 25%, resulting in greater customer satisfaction. In some cases, additional revenue can be gained through the introduction of a surcharge for increased turnaround speed.

Real-Time Insights with IoT

We’ve already seen that downtime can massively impact your bottom line, which is why it’s so important to have real-time reporting on your manufacturing facility’s machinery, allowing you to monitor the performance of equipment and stay ahead of any potential disruptions. So, while natural wear and tear of equipment may be inevitable, consequent downtime (and the costs that go with it) doesn’t have to be.

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the various machinery in your facility (or any other environment) that has the ability to ‘talk’ to one another via the internet. This means that your equipment can communicate with your mobile app, ensuring that you’re kept up to speed on everything from usage hours and performance to maintenance requirements and potential issues in real time.

And since real-time insight allows for faster response times, any issues can be dealt with quickly. In fact, 61% of manufacturers say that the reliability and performance of their machinery has improved through the introduction of IoT.

Mobility is vital for the modern manufacturer…

An article by Forbes perfectly summarises the challenge facing manufacturers today;

‘Mobility is forcing manufacturers to compete in their prospects’ and customers’ timeframes while delivering greater value in less time than before.’

But, while the demands on the manufacturing sector may be ever-increasing, so are the opportunities to deliver an improved product in a shorter time frame, all while maximising profits.

Yozu specialise in mobile app development, supporting manufacturing businesses as they undertake their digital transformation. From the earliest stages of Research and Development right through to the finished product, we’re here to develop your manufacturing mobile app from concept to completion. Ready to get started? Let’s talk.