18 Nov 2021 - 1 min read

Getting to Know You: A Junior Developer’s First Month at Yozu

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Say hello to Beth Hubbard! Our newest Junior Developer, Beth shares her thoughts on her first month at Yozu – from getting hired to her excitement for the future. Interested in Junior Developer jobs at Yozu? Read on!

What was it that appealed to you about working at Yozu?

Straight away, I thought the culture and diversity amongst the team, as well as the different roles in the business, were super interesting. I appreciated that when I came in for my trial day (a staple of the Yozu hiring process), and even prior to it, the team were really informative, friendly and seemed genuinely excited to meet me, which is a great feeling. I was also aware of the progression and learning opportunities available at Yozu, which really appealed to me as I could see how my career could grow and develop. I felt like I was already a part of the team before I even started!

Could you describe your experience with Yozu’s hiring process?

It was a thorough yet efficient process, which was great. I had an initial 20-minute phone conversation with my potential new line manager, then the following day I had a more formal, hour-long interview where the team got to know about my soft skills as well as my technical experience.

The team were more than happy to answer any questions I had, which really put me at ease. Shortly after, they asked me to come in for a trial day! During the day, I had to complete a project (with a brief given to me beforehand). It was a great way to see first-hand how the team worked, as well as get a real insight into the work that would be expected of me – and the team lunch of pizza was a welcome surprise! By the following week, I had been offered the Junior Developer job! It’s a horrible feeling to wait around for an answer on a job but I was kept up to date and felt informed during each step of the process.

Yozu Software Developer

How has your first month at Yozu been?

It’s been great! My first two weeks were especially interesting though… I had my first day – the induction was great and I was really excited to start – but, the very next day, I found out I had Covid and had to work from home! Yozu were very accommodating of this – they even dropped off a laptop at my house, which enabled me to continue with my onboarding plan since I wasn’t feeling too bad. The plan broke down my in-depth training for the first three weeks and has proven to be really useful. So, my first month has been a mix of working from home, as well as enjoying some time in the office. I’m really grateful that the team has been so forthcoming and helpful during this time.

What do you hope to achieve whilst working at Yozu?

I would like to see a lot of development – not only in my technical skills but my softer skills too. I’d like to get to a point where I’m still challenged yet comfortable in my role as a Junior Developer and can do my job well. In the future, I’d love to progress from the Junior Developer jobs within the business and move on to a senior/lead on a project and keep developing my career opportunities.

What would you say to anybody who is looking to join the Yozu team?

Just like any other job, be ready to put hard work in, but know that your hard work is rewarded. If you’re ever struggling, just know that there is always someone there to help you and make sure that you succeed. The Yozu team are so welcoming and informative, all you really need to do is put in the effort and enjoy yourself!


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