Pandle Cloud Bookkeeping

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Company Background

Pandle was realised in 2015 when The Accountancy Partnership (TAP) discovered that some of the simplest of bookkeeping tasks were being made highly complex & time-consuming, rife with mistakes brought about by overly complex accounting software.

TAP is a nationwide online accountancy firm that specialises in managing the tax affairs of small-to-medium sized businesses throughout the UK.

Dealing with smaller businesses, they found that the financial records that were submitted to them by their clients were of a basic format, typically a whole list of figures stored on a disorganised spreadsheet or notepad. This often resulted in a lot of time spent organising and processing, subsequently costing their clients a lot of money.

Their clients often couldn’t justify spending hundreds of pounds per year on comprehensive bookkeeping products like Sage Line 50, nor did they have the in-house expertise to use it.

As a result, Yozu were approached by TAP to design and develop a bookkeeping product that was geared solely towards small business owners who were typically inexperienced bookkeepers.


TAP approached Yozu with a challenging set of deliverables. They required a simple yet innovative cloud application that made bookkeeping simple. This is what has now made Pandle the go-to application for any SMB with little to no accounting experience. Prior to this project, Yozu’s main body of work focused on Logistics, CRM, E-Commerce and Payment Portals, however, drawing on our decades of experience and following a two-week consultation, we drafted a high-level specification that outlined our proposed solution.

Key Deliverables

  • The ability for a user to manage their Customers and Suppliers along with any relevant details.
  • The ability for a user to enter and record all financial activity within their company, such as Batch Invoices and Payments.
  • Ability to calculate and process VAT Returns for all of the VAT scheme types.
  • Ability to generate key reports such as Profit and Loss on the fly.
  • To provide true double-entry bookkeeping whilst keeping it hidden or transparent from the user’s perspective.
  • To allow for transactions to be easily edited and deleted, without the need for complex correction journals.
  • The software should be as simple to use and as intuitive as Excel.
  • There should be a comprehensive real-time help system that explains all the features and fields of the software.


During an initial two-week consultation period Yozu gathered detailed requirements from the client and then drafted a high-level specification that outlined our proposed solution. The final product would be a web-based application hosted in the cloud, and a firm emphasis would be placed on maintaining a clear and concise interface (less is more!).

The application would be developed using the Ruby on Rails technology stack and be both scalable and portable across different cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Rackspace.

In addition to the challenges, we also went on to provide the following functionality:

  • Full multi-user support: different members of staff within a company can register and have access to their company’s financial data through their own login. They are also able to grant access to their own accountant in order for them to extract information to use with their end-of-year tax returns
  • Full Sales Invoice generation: in addition to the batch invoicing support, we also allow users to produce and send Sales Invoices as PDFs
  • Flexible financial years: a user is able to set their financial year start and end date ‘on-the-fly’, allowing them to look back to previous years’ financial data at the click of a button
  • Ability to white label the product for use by other accountancy firms

Pandle Outcome

The entire product was designed, developed and tested in less than a year and is now deployed and marketed online as Pandle. With over 1000 users subscribed within the first three months, the feedback from both their existing clients and new customers has been the motivation behind continuing to develop and incorporate even more features and functionality within the system.

“Although they had not developed software for our industry before, the team at Yozu very quickly understood what it was that we were looking for and the end result produced far exceeded our expectations. The software that Yozu developed for us has had a huge impact on both our company and our clients, and we’re now busy marketing it to the general public.”

Lee Murphy, Managing Director at The Accountancy Partnership

Key Business Benefits

  • TAP now benefits from having a fantastic and unique selling point when offering their accountancy services – their very own cloud-based bookkeeping package.
  • All of TAP’s clients are encouraged to use the software free of charge, saving hundreds of hours of work each year processing and organising client records.
  • Whilst the product was initially intended to be solely for use by their own clients, thanks to the modular and flexible approach we took to the development of the application we were able to add in multi-company support in a matter of days.