FREIGHTsoft: Freight & Logistics Management

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Company Background

Founded in 2000, ITAL Logistics Ltd are a global freight forwarding company. They specialise in the shipment of dangerous goods in scope of ADR and IMDG, domestically and abroad.
Their speciality has built them a fantastic reputation transforming them into an industry-leading business, winning European awards in logistics.


ITAL Logistics approached Yozu to design and develop a bespoke software solution to better manage their expanding freight and logistics business and help future growth.
When they approached Yozu they were using an older Telnet based system that no longer served the organisation’s needs on a range of levels and after years of trying to adapt the system to their new way of working they made the decision to invest in their long-term future in a bespoke solution.

Key Deliverables

  • Ability to record and view details on all aspects of their business, from Customer contacts through to detailed information about the Dangerous Goods they are delivering or have previously delivered.
  • Ability to manage their relationships with thousands of Customers and Suppliers, and their growing number of Partners across the world.
  • The ability for operators to issue Quotes and then have them converted into Jobs.
  • The ability for operators to create and manage load plans for the international loads travelling through their hubs.
  • A facility to track and record each consignment or package as it enters and exits their hubs.
  • Ability to issue Invoices and manage all financial aspects of their business, and integrate with Sage Line 200 for their bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Ability to generate dynamic reports based on the operational and financial data stored within the system.

Freightsoft Solution

After a month-long period of consultation with the client, we drafted a detailed spec to cater for the main requirements outlined above. The system would be web-based and built with Ruby on Rails. It needs to integrate all aspects of their business into one intuitive user interface.
In addition to the challenges and requirements, we also went on to provide the following extra functionality:
  • Dashboards and Notifications: Each system operator now has a personalised view of the information stored within the system relevant to their role. When they need to take action, an alert is they receive notifications.
  • Dangerous Goods compliance and compatibility: As well as recording which Dangerous Goods they are shipping, the system will alert operators if a planned load contains incompatible consignments. This provides detailed information about how the goods be stored and treated.
  • Document production and storage: All documentation is now generated and stored within the system, from Invoices through to Collection and Delivery notes. Once produced the documents can then be sent via email to Contacts defined within the system.
  • Warehouse management: Warehouse staff now have a tailored web application for use on tablets that allow them to scan, record and interrogate packages within the warehouse. They can also print labels and documentation for any consignment, along with viewing real-time information on its associated Job.


Following the initial consultation period, we designed, developed and deployed an integrated Freight Management System. It uses the latest tried and tested web technologies, and caters for far over and above what the client initially required.
ITAL Logistics now have a system that manages their entire business and allows for future flexibility. They are already exploiting this increase in flexibility. ITAL have also engaged us on a longer-term basis to manage the implementation of new features and to eventually take the product to market.

Their ability to interpret what you need is their finest attribute, almost tied for first by their programming abilities. The result is also aesthetically pleasing, vitally important as if something is ‘nice’ to use, it puts the user at ease right away. There is nothing worse than clumsy software. I am extremely satisfied with Yozu, both on a personal level (great team to work with) and an ability level. The only down-side is that as they are so good, we’ll keep finding things to add on to the application!

Phil Denton, Managing Director at ITAL Logistics Ltd

Key Business Benefits

  • Scalable: The solution provided will cater for hundreds or thousands of users across multiple sites.
  • Flexibility: Anyone with a web browser can login to the system and access real-time information, from home or at the office.
  • Resalable: We are now working with ITAL to take the product to market and offer it to other freight forwarding companies
  • Customer service improvements: Users now have one centralised interface within which they can see a unified view of all Customer activity and information. The new capabilities available to users of the system has led to dramatic customer service improvements.
  • Efficiency and automation: Automated processes and streamlined user workflows have led to thousands of work hours being saved every year.
  • Strategic insight: Total business insight for the management team gives them the ability to identify and visualise trends and anomalies in real-time.