User Interface & Experience Development

How can your business benefit from an expert User Interface Design team?

An application has to do more than look pretty. It has to be a joy to use, as though this is how the process should have always been done. That’s the experience we strive to deliver on each one of our projects.
Yozu’s UX and interface designers work alongside our software developers at every stage of the software development process. This enables them to produce rich, rewarding user experiences (That you’ll benefit from)! These experiences leverage the underlying code in the most efficient ways possible. You can rest assured that your UI will use cutting-edge tech to deliver an intuitive, clean design. And it will benefit your customers now and for years to come.

Our design team consider the full picture

Yozu’s team of specialist User Experience Designers can help you build role-based, bespoke services. These solutions bring both financial, and human value to your place of work.
Given the rapid pace of technology changes, our user interface designers recognise that it is critical to stay updated. Yet, they don’t just consider technology, they also take into account the latest user experience research. This allows you to target the largest audience possible.
Some of the factors our interface designers take into account are: how users react to colour themes, what operations they are most likely to carry out and how they would expect to do so, and how their journey through the software can be improved or made simpler.

Take a look at some of our beautiful design work.

Pandle is a cloud-based accounting service. Built from the ground up to create a user experience that is seamless and intuitive within a complicated discipline.

View Pandle Case Study

UI Design Principles

Some of the most important user interface design principles are:

  • Clarity, clarity is one of the most important principles when designing an interface. Users must understand and recognise what the interface’s purpose is.
  • Website or software service theme consistency. Interfaces throughout the service must look similar.
  • Usage of similar colours and reusing common interface elements.
  • The positioning of all High priority elements within a page at the top within a prominent area for easy user access.
  • Correct use of colour and typography to push and emphasise high priority elements.

What people have said...

Our User Experience Design team follow a set of procedures when designing an experience, such as:

  • Involving the user is critical to a service’s success or failure. User input on designs is important in order to shape the type of experience an individual will have when using the software.
  • Research-based storyboard designs.
  • Designing for efficient landing page conversions.
  • Intuitive wireframes offering a foundation for front-end developers to follow.
  • Mock-up creation and testing to gather end user feedback.

The mission of User Experience and Interface Design is to make the software experience for the user feel natural and seamless. It has a clear focus on user aims, data flows, audiences, business processes and KPIs. Good design goes beyond beautifully designed interfaces – it can help reduce operational costs dramatically by enabling users to work more efficiently.

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