Systems Integration

How can your business benefit from Integrated Systems Development?

New innovative technologies emerge quickly in the software world. Harnessing their power requires you to overcome complex integration challenges internally and externally, with your partners, suppliers, and clients.

If you’re a specialised company that has operated over a number of years, you are likely to have a bespoke software suite or a limited program still in use. However, your company has advanced over time, and now operates in a different way, rendering certain aspects of your legacy system unused. The parts still relied upon though will be critical to your business, and should be tuned-up to be as optimised for peak performance as possible. Our software engineers and consultants can help you integrate both new and legacy systems with the rest of your business’ current infrastructure so your critical business requirements are satisfied, and then some.

Integrate Two or More Disparate Systems Seamlessly

Productivity bottlenecks, lost online sales, and limited business performance are all issues when a company begins to rely on multiple software applications to run their business.

Whether you intend to migrate an old customer database to your new CRM system, or manage the flow of data from your inventory system to your delivery tracking system, we can achieve these goals for you. Our solutions will integrate multiple disparate systems seamlessly and with peak performance at the forefront of our concerns.

We are also highly experienced data feed transformers! Data feeds of almost any format can be taken from your suppliers or customers and converted so that your in-house systems can make use of them. Alternatively, we can enable you to directly import your data feeds through our bespoke extract-transform-load (ETL) tools. It doesn’t matter how big your data is, we can process it efficiently.

See how we can integrate your current systems with a new project.

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Systems Integration Requirements

The main objective of an integrated system is to build and develop a service that is efficient and safe which provides instantaneous access and reliability, it needs to deliver complete information management.

During our consultancy stage, we discuss potential designs on how your current systems will integrate with a new solution. Whatever your choice is when it comes to integration, we will build the infrastructure that allows your idea to become a reality.

With numerous years of experience integrating legacy systems with new services, Yozu’s integration engineers maintain an expertise in:

  • Server clustering best practices.
  • Application & infrastructure.
  • High-security configurations.
  • Health status and performance optimisations.


We would love to help your business clear the bottlenecks within your productivity, and help you gain greater insight from integrated systems with affiliated data; call our team on: 0845 805 3762