Full Service Testing

How can your business benefit from Full Service Testing?

We ensure the products we create are thoroughly tested, from the application code to the infrastructure that makes your app available to the public. You can be confident that your application will be as highly optimised for performance and free of bugs as humanly possible.

The average mobile application loses 95% of users after 90 days – andrewchen.co

Lack of Full Service Testing Is The Biggest Killer Of User Retention For New Applications & Services

The top ten applications on the Google Play store can lose 49% of their userbase after 90 days. These statistics are due to bugs in application code. At Yozu, we build testing into every step of our development process. Our software will not be released to the public until it satisfies rigorous tests that are defined both by ourselves and you as the product owner.

The average mobile application loses 95% of users after 90 days - Talk to us to find out how we prevent this.

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Manual Testing

Manual testing in software development is when the coding is examined by an individual. Testing is handled by interacting with the application and/or the software’s APIs with the appropriate tools. Yet, human error can ensue which is our reasoning behind our mixture of manual and automatic testing.


Automatic Testing

Testing automatically is performed by a system which executes a test script, previously written in advance. Automatic software tests carry a lot of complexity, they include:

  • Checking individual methods within a class.
  • Ensuring a complex sequence of events within the user interface leads to the same results.
  • Data driven capability (Metadata, input/output data).
  • Distributed application support.

And many more…


What kind of tests do Yozu implement to ensure a quality
assured service?

  • Unit Tests.
  • Security Testing.
  • Integration Tests.
  • Functional Tests.
  • End-To-End Tests.
  • Acceptance Testing.
  • Performance Testing.
  • Smoke Testing.

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