Mobile App Development

How can your business benefit from mobile app development?

Whether you are looking for a new mobile application, improving upon an existing one, or rebuilding from the ground-up, Yozu has the experience to ensure it is developed efficiently using the best available technology.

Within the last 10 years, mobile applications have become critical to a business’ success. However, just putting a website optimised for mobile out there isn’t enough: 75% of users expect a mobile application to be much easier to use and more feature-rich than a mobile optimised website.

Provides Value to Your Customers

A mobile application enables your customers to access the services your business offers using an interface optimised for mobile devices. Mobile applications can take advantage of native device features (such as location tracking) to provide a richer user experience. Mobile applications are also expected to optimise data transfer for devices that operate on data plans. Applications that send and request excessive data volumes can impinge customers and result in financial penalties; a definite negative for your company’s brand!

Mobile applications also assist your business marketing. Given the rapid feedback that can be obtained as a result of the ubiquity of mobile devices, you can track what kind of marketing activity works best with your audience, in real-time, and re-create that formula in other marketing activities.




Every time your customer unlocks their phone.

Our bespoke mobile app developers will help you build your idea into something clear and concise with an emphasis on an enjoyable user experience.

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Generate an additional income source

A mobile application can generate an income for your business. You can provide the functionality for your customers to place restaurant reservations or purchase goods that you facilitate. Furthermore, you maintain the ability to charge users for upgrading their app, and you can receive funds for displaying in-app advertisements.

Fantastic Brand Visibility

With a mobile application, your brand will find its way to the front of your audiences’ mobile device with ease of access and potentially a logo they’ll notice each time they look at their phone, which according to studies is 150 times per day. This means your brand is seen  150 times in one person’s day by multiple users!

Stand out amongst your competition

Large businesses and enterprises are packed with mobile application offerings. Many SMB don’t view a mobile application as a priority however, it depends on the nature of the business in question. If you believe there is a future requirement for a mobile application then get ahead of the competition now. It’ll assist your business in moving to the next level and potentially give you a head start to become a large enterprise.

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How do you get started?

Succeeding a consultation, a number of plans and designs that involve decisions on developing for Android, iOS and Windows, our mobile app developers will create a functioning prototype. You will get to try out the new application as it undertakes its final stages of development. Even at this stage, our agile planning methodology still allows you to influence any functionality or changes you would like to see materialise before final deployment.


Bespoke mobile app deployment

Following the completion of a mobile app development project, Yozu:

  • Transfer all ownership/intellectual property rights.
  • Provide optional on-going support through our in-house developer helpdesk.
  • Will deliver full training, within an optional location.


We would love to help your business build their next big idea. From Apple to Ubuntu, we’ll ensure your mobile application has high visibility and is a market leader; call our team on: 0845 805 3762