Backend / API Development

How can your business benefit from API Development?

Building a great API (application programming interface) is often a challenge, but a challenge undoubtedly worth undertaking to achieve a successful service. By doing so, your application will be empowered with an interface that can be used by a multitude of user-interfaces and other applications.

APIs play a critical role in whether a service is easily accessible by its current audience and for its intended future audience, ultimately resulting in its success or failure. If the software developed for you did not contain a tailored API, it would result in communication difficulties with potential third-parties, causing these potential new users to look elsewhere.

What is an API?

An API is not viewable to your application users, but they will notice if it’s not there! For example, e-commerce applications that require users to provide credit or debit card details to make a purchase need to interact with payment engines to authenticate and process these transactions. Without an API, these payment engines cannot be contacted by e-commerce applications, rendering them useless.

All familiar and respected, software services are powered by highly specialised APIs. Excellent APIs are clearly documented, easy to interact with, and secure. At Yozu, we ensure that each API developed promotes these principles without impacting the user’s experience.

Scalable Software Dealing With High Intensity Workloads

We build scalable backends to cope with the highest intensity of workloads imaginable and our API design expertise will ensure that user-interfaces or third-party applications can always interact with your bespoke application easily.

With decades of software development experience, we have become leaders in developing bespoke APIs tailored to work in any industry niche, integrating seamlessly with software built by ourselves or others

The kind of bespoke APIs we have developed before:

  • Social Networking Platforms
  • Shipping Methods
  • 2 Factor Authentication API
  • Payment Gateway
  • Logistical
  • DVLA Vehicle Registrations

and many more.

Integrating With Other Big Brands

An API is a fantastic tool that allows you to create a rich user experience on both web services and mobile applications. Travel websites are great examples of how an API can work well for your company. Airline websites will often recommend hotel companies that operate in an area that you’re flying to, this is linked to Google’s API to plot your route to the hotel. Going one step further, it’ll display the current events in that area within the date range you’re due to visit at, pushing the customer to a supplier to purchase tickets for the event. Some websites go one step further and deploy the Amazon Product API to recommend travel guides for the destination.

All of this can sound like a complicated procedure requiring a number of consistent updates costing you more in maintenance costs. This isn’t the case with API development. APIs are fairly simple to implement. Any updates are autonomously rolled out by the company the API is linked with, saving you any additional costs. Apart from the initial build and occasional tweaks, APIs are usually a low maintenance affair.

We would love to help your business build their next big idea using our expertise in API Development; call our team on: 0845 805 3762