Announcing a New Partnership with Liverpool Girl Geeks.

Announcements // 30th October 2018

A pretty large gender imbalance

As you may already know, there is a pretty apparent gender disparity within the tech industry. You’ve noticed it and so have many before. The truth is, the number of men in technological careers far outweighs women.

In the wake of recent awareness campaigns for gender equality, there is a group of special individuals doing something to bridge the gap in the local industry. They’re called the Liverpool Girl Geeks.


Who are Liverpool Girl Geeks?

The Liverpool Girl Geeks were established way back in 2013, and were born from a single question:

“Where are all of the women in tech?”

A small group of women quickly became a large, vocal movement, through both their determination and technical prowess. They now run their group from their own headquarters down in the creative, vibrant area of Liverpool, the Baltic Triangle.


Liverpool Girl Geeks Logo
 You might be asking, “How do the Liverpool Girl Geeks intend on bridging the gender gap within the tech industry.”…

Before any action was taken.

Liverpool Girl Geeks say that if no action is taken, by 2040 only 1% of the technology sector will be female.

According to UCAS figures, fewer women are studying computer science courses than the number that was recorded five years ago. On the other hand, there has been a rise in the number of women studying related courses such as Computer Games Development. Are women simply not interested in computer science as much as men are?

Not exactly…

A recent study from the University of Roehampton revealed that only 9% of girls schools offer computing at A-level, compared with 44% of boys schools, and only 25% of mixed-sex sixth forms and colleges! If girls are not given the opportunity from a young age to experience computer science and software development, how can we expect to see them developing a career in this sector for the future?

They have an uphill climb but Liverpool Girl Geeks have been taking the right steps forward in bringing awareness not only to the technological sector, but to the public as well. Through their events, workshops and breakfast meetings they aim to inspire a new generation of women to empower themselves and follow the career path they desire.

Liverpool Girl Geeks Talk

In recent times Liverpool Girl Geeks have launched a number of initiatives in an effort to close the gender gap and pursue the goal of a more diverse workforce within the technology sector. In the last year alone, LGG raised over £100K in private and public funding and engaged with more than 15,000 people in the North West!

January 2018 saw the launch of a new initiative called “Innovate her,” this initiative aims to equip girls between the ages of 11-17 with the skills, self-belief and confidence to pursue a career in technology.

The current skills gap is currently estimated to cost the UK economy £63 billion per year lost in GDP. Innovate Her aims to establish a network of school-based academies in an effort to tackle this issue, whilst helping the UK compete on the world stage within the technology sector.


Yozu has partnered with Liverpool Girl Geeks.

Yozu has partnered with Liverpool Girl Geeks and we are very proud to say so! With only four women working in our office, we are very aware of the gender disparity within the tech industry. We believe a change is on the horizon and its something we want to be a part of.

Liverpool Girl Geeks Yozu

Why did we partner with Liverpool Girl Geeks?

Yozu believes in what LGG stand for, equality and diversity within the tech industry and throughout all sectors. We cannot knowingly stand by and allow the gender gap to continually expand.

Like any company, there’re decisions to be made and targets to be met, diverse workforces have been proven to work better with each other. A recent study concluded that diversity drives better decisions within teams. In fact, a diverse team of people will make a decision 60% faster than what same-sex teams will.

Check out this post from People Management for more information.


Sarah, one of Yozu’s own, answered a few questions about how she felt about our new partnership with Liverpool Girl Geeks:


What excites you most about a partnership between Yozu and Liverpool Girl Geeks?

“I hadn’t heard of Liverpool Girl Geeks until fairly recently, but I think the work they’re doing is very exciting! I particularly like how they’re encouraging schools to give students the opportunity to study software development and computing from a young age with the ‘Innovate Her’ initiative.”


How do you think our new partnership will impact our workforce?

“It reflects the culture of Yozu really well: I’ve always felt like a developer in a room full of developers, rather than a woman in a room full of men. Working alongside Liverpool Girl Geeks sends out a signal that encourages other women to work here – and should also have a broader impact on the wider community of software developers.”


How do you feel about Liverpool Girl Geeks and what they’re aiming to do?

The statistics are daunting but it’s great that they’re working to address the imbalance. It would be really sad if women were missing out on careers in technology because schools weren’t able to provide a good introduction to technical subjects, or because of a culture that made them feel unwelcome”


Why do you think it’s important to have a diverse team within the software development sector?

“We make better-informed decisions and are better-equipped to solve problems when we have a variety of perspectives and experiences. It’s great working alongside and learning from a range of people who you might not normally coincide with – we will all benefit from that!”


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